Digitally printed name or Photo ID badges allow full colour photo quality, tamper proof reproduction to your ID, corporate or club design.  The ID Card can be printed in full colour on one side or both. Display company logos, rich colour graphics, photos, names and titles, fully custom designed to your individual needs.  The back can be used for additional information such as: If found please return to Your PO Box Address, or full colour additional information such as coloured Emergency Codes or Maps on the back

A choice of fittings and finishes are available to suit any application, from individual or club members to corporate users.

We also offer a huge range of ID Card, Name Badge and Plastic Card Printer consumables and accessories.

Retractable Cardholders make an ideal choice for proximity cards and can be hooked to a belt or lanyard.

Lanyards are a popular accessory providing an easy and comfortable way to display your ID Cards.

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